We are a family owned business and have been operating in and around the Helensvale and surrounding areas since 2005 providing excellent service, going above and beyond to make the whole process simple and hassle free. Excellent service is very important to us.

Ball Realty’s principal, Tina Ball, has a background in Law and administration and has developed an industry tailored software package to ensure the smooth and accurate running of the sales and rental divisions. This means that the whole office runs like a well-oiled machine – ensuring landlord properties are in safe hands.

For the Tenant
Ball Realty will endeavour to ensure your rental property is the best that it can be. Ball Realty insists that all rental properties have a full bond clean BEFORE anyone moves in. An accompanied pre-move-in inspection is carried out where the rental agent and the tenant complete a “moving in” condition report together. The agent will photograph all the areas that are considered to be damaged or excessive wear. A copy of the completed report will be given to the tenant and Landlord and a copy held on file. On exiting, an Exit condition report is also carried out and the tenant is encouraged to attend. If there are any items that need to be fixed up, Ball Realty will assist in organising with repair works (as per our sample fixed price repair pricelist). Inspections will be carried out quarterly with the tenant to be given an absolute minimum of 48 hours’ notice. Our goal is to give the best service to all our tenants and Landlords.

For the Landlord
We offer a fully comprehensive service to Landlords including (but not limited to) accompanied inspections, detailed written entry and exit reports with photographic evidence of all wear and tear and any damage. The ingoing tenant is required to sign and agree to the condition report before moving in (The tenant has a further 3 days to list any faults with the property). Ball realty carries out inspections every 3 months and provides the Landlord with an ongoing summary report of the property, alerting them to items considered outside of the tenancy parameters.

For peace of mind Ball Realty requires all its Landlords to have Landlord insurance in place. Ball Realty only recommends Terri Scheer Landlord Insurance and we can assist in the completion and lodgement of forms as required.

When a tenant exits a property a full accompanied inspection is carried out, complete with photographic evidence of any damage or excessive wear items. Ball Realty has a number of home – handy men and builders on file and are able to provide fixed price quotes for many items. A list of example costs are given to tenants on Entry and Exit.

In the unlikely event of a ‘troublesome’ tenant Ball Realty will work swiftly and with the full power of the legal system to ensure the Landlord is protected as dictated by Queensland law.

If you require property management within the Helensvale area make sure to contact us and see how we can work together.