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Mention the Gold Coast to a fellow Aussie, and the response you will probably get will range somewhere from a frown to complete indifference. After all, depending on who you speak too, the Gold Coast has a bit of an unfair reputation as being something of a mecca for partying, holidaying, surfers and being really really hot in the summertime.

If you’re not in one of those (surprisingly very different!) subgroups then why would you even consider visiting the Gold Coast – let alone even moving there?

Well for one thing the reputation of the Gold Coast is totally unfair – and usually is coming from someone who’s never actually been there, they’re just trotting out the same tired clichés and stereotypes that have been doing the rounds for years.

Thing is though, this is just like any other coastal area in most countries in the world. The coast actually draws a diverse range of people because it’s supported by a diverse economy. Some people do choose to retire on the Gold Coast, because it’s scenic, friendly and very safe. Some people are drawn to the coast to surf – because of the magnificent, pristine waters and beaches. Are these really negatives?

But that is most definitely not all there is to the Gold Coast, either.

First off you are only an hour away from one of Australia’s finest cities, Brisbane;

A great benefit of living on the Gold Coast so close to Brisbane? Superb transportation links on the efficient and extremely convenient Airtrain. It connects the Gold Coast to its metropolitan neighbor in less than an hour, which means that in many ways you can kind of think of the Gold Coast as essentially a suburb of Brisbane – and there are far, far worse commutes in the world than the train from the coast to Brisbane!

Once you visit the Gold Coast, you will find that it is surprisingly accessible. You really can explore great swathes of it on two wheels, whilst breathing in crisp clear air and stopping every now and then to sample a cool bar or great restaurant.

As you explore, you’ll come to realize that the Gold Coast is really more of a collection of individual communities. This, by the way makes further mockery of the people we discussed at the top of this article, who sneer just at the mention of the area’s name.

In truth, these small but interconnected communities give the Gold Coast a totally unique vibe. Each community, small town or hamlet has a degree of individuality, no matter how small. The fact they are all interconnected however gives the whole area a sense of diversity that would be more fitting to a much larger area or even a small city or town. You can strike out in any direction and have a different experience every time. If you’re bored of cookie-cutter suburbs than the Gold Coast provides a sense of uniqueness and individuality that is missing from many modern cities in Australia today.

The Gold Coast is also a great place for families. That stereotype we mentioned above, that the Gold Coast is full of retirees and old people? The actual average age of a Gold Coast resident is 37.

Why is it so low? Because this area is heavily populated with families – families who recognize that it is a safe but fun area to raise kids. After all, they are going to have access to a range of outdoor activities and wonderful facilities for playing and learning.

This does mean though that choosing the right area to live in can make all the difference out here. One area that is seeing its popularity skyrocket is the town of Pacific Pines. In fact, Pacific Pines real estate is definitely a hot ticket item right now, with a lot of interest being shown in this area, particularly by young families.

What you need then is a real estate agent who’s going to be in your corner from the word go. A real estate agent who understands why you want to live somewhere like Pacific Pines because she lives there herself, and she understands that it’s the smarter person who ignores the stereotypes and the sneers, and instead comes and visits an area – and ultimately falls in love with it.

Tina Ball has been a fully licensed real estate agent since 2003, and opened her own real estate agency in 2013 with the goal of bringing a wealth of properties to market for sale or rental. Honesty, Integrity and Experience are the watchwords by which Ball Realty operate.

If you are looking to find your own dream home in Pacific Pines, one of the most underappreciated areas of Australia, with the relaxed family lifestyle and a close knit, friendly community at your back then you could not find safer hands than Ball Realty.


About Ball Realty Pacific Pines:

Ball Realty was formed by Tina Ball in April 2013. Tina studied law and worked as a commercial lawyer and conveyancer before becoming a fully licensed real estate agent in 2003.

Since then Tina has built a large and loyal clientele who enjoy her core values of Honesty, Integrity and Tenacity, together with her extensive knowledge of the market place.  Tina very quickly became a member of a multi-million dollar chapter sales team and has been awarded many times for the large number of sales achieved in the area.

Ball Realty’s inception came about from Tina wanting to provide the best service for her clients and allowing her to build on an outstanding reputation as ‘the‘ agent of choice that provides an outstanding service with no hassle, no worries and no fuss, where Honesty, Integrity and Experience are the norm, not the exception!

We specialise in Real Estate in Pacific Pines and rely heavily on our reputation to be the best and get YOU the best results possible.

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